Pros in Using Pepper Spray Gun

Even when we are talking about women empowerment and the advancement of women in all the spheres, crimes towards women is increasing. In everyday newspaper, you can find many news that are associated with rape attempt or rape and murder of women. The new trend is that the weaker session of the society, let it be kids, women or aged people are under the threat of attack for sexual harassment or for theft. It is not a simple thing, the crime rate is increasing to such a level, that it can be you or somebody in your family to face such attacks. These morons who are so into attacking weaklings should be dealt in intense way. It is suggested for the women, kids and aged people to carry pepper spray guns and such self defense measures with them so that they can easily overcome such unexpected attacks. Pepper spray guns are becoming much popular in the form of self defense equipment. There are many benefits offered by them which makes them appealing choice by most of the people.

No Threat to Life

When you are using pepper spray guns, you are actually spraying some inflammatory agent which can lead to the inflammation of the eyes of the individual on whom you sprayed it and also can cause difficulty in breathing. This is a good way through which you can bring the attacking person into such a condition that he or she cannot harm you or do anything to your property. If you could focus well and shot right in the eyes of the opponent, then it can make the person be in a state that he cannot find anything around. These guns can also bring the standing individual to knees and make it impossible for breathing naturally. This can cause all the uncomfortable feelings to them but without any trouble to life.

Disables Attacker

Effects caused by pepper spray can be based on spray’s strength. It is capable of disabling attacker about 30 minutes so that you can get adequate time for moving away from the place, informing police and let them further handle the issue.

Can Handle Attacker from a Distance

Pepper spray guns can be used for handling attacker who is in a distance of about 18 – 20 feet away from you. This can really help you in getting more confidence. You can handle the attacker from distance and so you can stay alone in any place you like without any problems. There is no need for you to have any kind of special training in using pepper spray guns. This can make it comfortable and confident when you are alone. You can use it in anyone whom you think is approaching you with a negative notion.


Pepper spray guns can be easily used and can also be carried easily. There is no need for you to think about a separate place or something for carrying it. You can get pepper spray guns that can fit your pocket, keychain and also in your purse. Try to keep them in such a place so that you feel that they can be easily accessible. When you are buying pepper spray, try to get the smallest one, big ones cannot be of greater help to you and can be hard for you to carry wherever you go. You are also getting a chance to use the easiest and handy self defense equipment by using these pepper spray guns. You should just have the aim to spray it right on the attacker and then you can be saved.

Best Way to Disable Attacker Fast

It is the most easier and handy way available through which you can disable the attacker. You need to just spray it on your attacker and you can get him disabled very fast and in effective manner. There is no need to be afraid of the consequences of hurting someone as it is only going to make him disabled for about 30 minutes maximum and is not at all threatening to life. There is no need for having training to use this. Even if you are person with bad aim, you can distract the attacker and can escape from the scene of attack.